GFH CONSTRUCTION A True Turnkey Home Elevation Contractor

With GFH Construction, the process starts with conducting soil borings as well as a site visit by a structural engineer. This is mandatory to determine if both helical piles are required and to what extent, if any, the existing foundation can be used going forward. These items can impact your house raising project by tens of thousands of dollars and MUST BE DETERMINED PRIOR TO PROVIDING AN ACCURATE BID! If you have received an estimate to raise your home without these two critical items being performed, your bid is incomplete and should not be viewed as accurate or complete. Any true professional house raising company will always start the process with these two essential items.

GFH Construction will start the process by providing you with a DETAILED ELEVATON ANALYSIS CHECKLIST. We will review with you all aspects of the Home Elevation process to include items such as:

  • Survey expenses
  • Permitting fees
  • Architectural fees
  • Back fill of crawl space
  • Installation of vapor barrier
  • Repairs to existing siding damaged from house lift
  • Replacing gutters
  • Dewatering for sewer disconnect
  • Reconnection of utilities
  • Carpentry work to repair structural framing damaged from lift
  • Installation of insulation removed during lift
  • Asbestos and lead paint abatement
  • Rebuilding of decks or entrance features to access elevated structure
  • Repairing damage to driveway and walks
  • Replacing damaged landscaping
  • Interior drywall and paint repairs required if the house shifts during lifting

The elevation of a home is a complicated process that requires a substantial amount of work other than just the house lift and the foundation work.

BEWARE! If you have received an estimate to raise your home and it does include all required items or list items as TBD (To Be Determined) or BY OWNER (YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY FOR) your estimate is not accurate and it will COST YOU MORE MONEY!

Allow GFH Construction’s RREM, HMGP and ICC specialists to assist you with understanding the true total cost of your house raising project and ensure that all eligible expenses are properly covered in your grant award and the filing of required paperwork.

GFH Construction proudly offers FEMA-Compliant and FEMA-Registered House Lifting and House Raising, in addition to home restoration and remodeling services to residents in Ocean and Monmouth of New Jersey.

Proudly serving the Jersey Shore!

GFH Construction’s experts are available to work with you in Ocean County, including: Toms River; Little Egg Harbor; Seaside Heights; Ortley Beach; Lavallette; Brick; Point Pleasant; Point Pleasant Beach; Forked River; Stafford Township; Berkeley Township and Ocean Gate.

We’ve also completed work in Monmouth County, including: Belmar; Long Branch; Manasquan; Sea Girt and Spring Lake.